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Serving – Also referred to as “ministering,” means service of any kind, the broad application of practical help to those in need.

Teaching –The gifted teacher is one who has the unique ability to clearly instruct and communicate knowledge and Truth.

Mercy & Encouragement – This gift is evident in those who consistently call upon others to heed and f building others up by strengthening weak faith or comforting in trials while showing sympathy and sensitivity coupled with a desire and the resources to lessen their suffering in a kind and cheerful manner.
Giving – Gifted givers are those who joyfully share what they have with others, whether it is financial, material, or the giving of personal time and attention. The giver is concerned for the needs of others and seeks opportunities to share goods, money, and time with them as needs arise.

Helps –Those with the gift of helps are those who can aid or render assistance to others in the church with compassion and grace. This has a broad range of possibilities for application. Most importantly, this is the unique ability to identify those who are struggling with doubt, fears, and other spiritual battles; to move toward those in spiritual need with a kind word, an understanding and compassionate demeanor; and to speak scriptural truth that is both convicting and loving.

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