What to Expect


We take worship seriously here at RHC. We aim to glorify the triune God by maintaining a God-centered orientation (as opposed to man-centered) and focusing on the Gospel. We strive to utilize a combination of modern songs and historic hymns that are theologically rich and doctrinally sound. We follow a loose liturgical format and incorporate a variety of music styles that are meant to facilitate the worship of our multi-generational congregation.

We believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are awe-inspiring all by themselves. While some churches manage to honorably balance a high production, concert-like worship service and a reverence for God, you won’t find a concert-like service at RHC.


You can only expect the true divine word of God being preached at our Church. We are very strict when it comes to the accuracy and truth God’s word reveals to us through the Bible. We interpret God’s word to the absolute best of our ability, in discernment, and by the Holy Spirit. Expository preaching is the norm as well as other styles depending on where the Holy Spirit of God leads us. Check out some of our Sermons.


As you look around the inside of our church you will notice all the conversation everybody is engaged in. Conversations about the great work God is doing in their lives, about simple day to day living, family, anything that uplifts a fellow brother or sister in Christ! Everybody within Redemption Hills has the heart to get to know one another and would love to get to know you!

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