New Here?


At RHC, we cherish worship and extend a warm welcome to all. Our worship is centered on glorifying the triune God through the Gospel. We blend modern songs and historic hymns, rich in theology, to create a welcoming space for our diverse congregation. Join us for an uplifting experience!


You will experience the true, divine word of God. We’re dedicated to its accuracy and interpretation through the Holy Spirit.  Expository preaching style lead by the Holy Spirit. by the Spirit. Join us as we dig deep into God’s word together. 

Click link for our past Sermons, where you can watch, download or listen to a prior Sermons Series.  Find a specific sermon searching by date, Scripture, Preacher and more!    Sermons.


As you step inside our church, you’ll see everyone engaged in friendly conversations about the wonderful things God is doing in our lives, everyday matters, family, and anything that uplifts our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. At Redemption Hills, we have a welcoming spirit and a desire to connect with one another, and we’d be delighted to get to know you too!

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