Chaplains are a vital aspect of each and every Emergency Responder agency, who are trusted and valued by their respected agencies.

Chaplain’s relationship with officers, Firefighters, Support Staff and Families should be a priority through their daily activity and interaction. Because of the trusted and valued relationships, the Chaplains should be the individuals that are relied upon. 

Our Chaplains provide safe and confidential support in both preventative interaction and in the midst of the challenging situations and circumstances that will impact every member of the Emergency Responder world.

RMPFC comes alongside participating chaplains to support and serve them and their agency in the midst of a large crisis incident. This response is specific Emergency Responder personnel and their families.  When a crisis requires more assistance than current cha[lain teams can manage, we will be available, upon request, to respond with known and qualified RMPFC affiliated chaplains.

Emergency Responders are under appreciated and can…Having someone on your team to talk to about this, not as a fellow responder but as a genuine listener, is invaluable.

Having a chaplain simply drop by the department to be ministry of presence, can gently open the door to

needed communication, much needed support and knowing they are not alone.

Rocky Mountain Police and Fire
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